Giving up the day job

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Yes! I did it.  I was paid by Hubpages - only $51 but that’s in a month; not 5 years.  So all my hard work paid off.  It can only get better.  Now all I need is more people to read what I write and to pass it on to their friends.  My following on all the social media sites is steadily growing so I must be doing something right. 


This is an article I wrote in all seriousness but it seems to have got kind of a cult following.  I don’t mind if people laugh as long as they read whilst they’re doing it.  Glad to have brought pleasure to someone and brightened their day. How to ask for help in Spanish

I hope you enjoy it too. I am planning on maybe doing something similar for other languages.

I have a plan to write more articles and get over the 100 mark and then I’m going to look into writing an eBook.  I’ve been looking at Kindle Direct Publishing which to my untrained and technophobic eye looks quite complicated but I’m sure if I read it hundreds of times it will sink in. My eBook may have to be published posthumously!

Hasta luego!

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