Giving up the day job

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I think this was the first article I ever wrote for Hubpages: http://suebailey.hubpages.com/_hubprom/hub/CINNAMON—HONEY-THE-MAGIC-MIXTURE


And this one I think was the second: http://suebailey.hubpages.com/_hubprom/hub/IT-ISNT-YOUR-FAULT-YOU-ARE-FAT


Over the years I’ve written about 60 articles. As I said yesterday I never earned anything  even though I set everything up as recommended on the site. Within two weeks Google closed my Adsense account down for illegal clicks. I had absolutely no idea what that meant and no amount of protesting would make them change their mind. I knew I hadn’t clicked on any of the ads myself and as far as I was aware no one else from my IP address had either. So basically that was the end of earning potential as far as I was concerned.  Because I love to write I continued publishing articles fairly regularly just for the sheer pleasure of it.    

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