Giving up the day job

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Writing 4 Lighting is born!

So I’ve made a start…  Some weeks ago I felt so ill and demoralised at work that I went to see a GP; only to be told I was suffering from anxiety.  I was stunned because I thought I’d had a stroke or got MS or something equally serious.  I also thought I was suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). 


Anyhow, it turns out after blood tests that it is probably something to do with my Thyroid gland and I’m waiting to see an Endocrinologist.

What I have discovered during my time away from my job is that I feel much better when I am not there - despite the overwhelming tiredness! So began my plan to escape and to try to make a living in a different way.  

I have always loved to write things.  Anything; shopping lists, notes, letters and suchlike.  When I was at school I used to get top marks in English for my essays.  So about 25 years ago I decided to try and make some money writing.  I had a computer; a great cumbersome thing but we didn’t have the internet then so any research I did was at the local library.  I wrote a lot of articles and short stories and even got some of them published in popular magazines of the time - Best, Me, Bella, Take a Break and so on.  I made a bit of money but then everyone seemed to jump on the same bandwagon;  writing courses abounded and everyone was a budding author.  This made things much more competitive in an already competitive field and a major effect of this was that the market for freelance writing became swamped.  Articles which used to make £500 suddenly made £50 and it kept on dropping.  So very disheartened, eventually I gave up. 

Skip forward 20 years and I discovered the internet and in particular a website called Hubpages. I started publishing my articles on there but never made any money at all. Still I enjoyed writing them and research was so much easier with the internet so I’ve continued to do it for the last 5 years. I’m going to include links to some of my hub articles in the blog too so you get the idea of what it is all about.

Come with me on my journey of floundering about trying to make sense of how to earn money writing when you aren’t really that internet savvy.image


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